I could give you a few good reasons why you should watch the World Series at The Sportsbook Bar & Grill in South Denver, but I’m pretty sure you already know why….Just kidding. We have ton’s of televisions, the best locally made-from-scratch kitchen and plenty of draft beers to choose from.

This World Series is made for Hollywood. The Dodgers are finally in the World Series, unlucky for us Coloradans but good for Hollywood. As we see the parade of celebrities attending the 100-degree weather games, let’s not forget why we are watching baseball. For Baseball’s sake! Baseball is an American pastime and we need to not forget our sports roots, and remember the game we played with friends and Dads in empty fields across America.

My take on the tied World Series is that The Dodgers are going to take it home to LA. LA needs a few good wins. But The Astros also needed a win. In fact, The Astros have never won a World Series game…EVER…EVER…Ever. The Houston Astros have their first World Series win in franchise history, and they had to earn it. They had to clamber over the narratives and self-doubt to reclaim their identity as the lumber-thumping monsters under every pitcher’s bed, and they had to figure out which wire to cut, while the timer on the homemade bomb was ticking down to zero. They had to beat Kenley Jansen, who is an improbable analog to Mariano Rivera, who was improbable to begin with. They had to pick themselves up off the floor after yet another dismal offensive showing through the first seven innings, and they had to focus after their bullpen blew yet another sure win. It was as if Ra’s al Ghul crushed up a blue flower and made the Astros confront their deepest, darkest fears from the last week, and they succeeded anyway.

Whoever you’re rooting for, come watch The World Series at The Sportsbook…For Baseball!