It was a year ago today, where life teetered on as it always does, and every year in March we start the month out with hopes of Spring. Spring signifies St. Patrick Day Parades, annual marathons, and best of all College Basketball. The Pandemic wasn’t something we ever would or could happen here, but it happened, and here we are. A whole year later and we are writing this article again. As we rise out of the pandemic college basketball is back, signifying a sense of normalcy as we move forward into 2021. Watch March Madness 2021 at The Sportsbook Greenwood Village or Wash Park.

Watch March Madness 2021 at The Sportsbook Greenwood Village or Wash Park.

Watch March madness at The Sportsbook

With the new levels now at an all-time low, we are now open until 2 am. It’s starting to feel a little normal. Come down and watch the tournament at one of our locations DTC or Wash Park. If you want to download a bracket click here.

The Sportsbook Bar & Grill has great food: NEVER EVER FROZEN One of the best things about The Sportsbook is the food. Most bars have frozen food bar food and premade junk. The Sportsbook takes its menu seriously. Chef Weller brings some great taste to the table. The burgers are hand packed, which gives the burgers that fresh off the backyard grill taste.

The Selection of Beer: It’s All About Colorado: At The Sportsbook, we always have rotating taps, but we also ensure that our draft beer selection represents Colorado. Come down to one of our locations in DTC or Wash Park and find out what fresh beers are on tap this week.

If you’re in the Tech Center area or off Arapahoe, The Sportsbook in Greenwood Village is your place to watch the Denver Broncos. In Wash Park? We have a sister bar located right in the heart of Wash Park in a basement location. Feeling like a speakeasy, The Sportsbook Wash Park is a great place to watch Game 3. Both locations Wash Park and Greenwood Village have a made-from-scratch menu and an excellent selection of local and import beers on draft.

The Sportsbook is locally owned by two Colorado Natives. If you are looking for a locally owned sports bar, this is the one!