Jason Weller is The Sportsbook Bar & Grills new chef! Jason was the Sous Chef at The Landing for over 14 years. We are excited to have him on our staff. As the new Chef, Jason now has the kitchen in his command. From everything to ordering, new appetizers and lunch menu ideas to overall kitchen management. We can look forward to some beer dinners with a 4-course meal pairing and some new daily features. As well as adding some healthier menu options.

He is truly excited about this new opportunity. I had the chance to interview Jason, and discovered that he is a super nice guy with a big heart for food, people, and pups! After interviewing Jason, (Who ladies BTW is SINGLE!) here’s what he had to say…

“What I love most about being a chef is that we are always a part of someone’s life, whether is be a birthday, anniversary, work promotion, or even death. We are part of people’s lives, and what we do with food is enrich their lives. I feel like I touch people with my food, and that makes me so happy.”

 Jason started out as a dishwasher at Arrowhead Golf Course. He said, “as a teenager, it was really hard to find a job, but I landed that one, and just kept on working hard and learning about food to work my way up to a cook.” It was at Arrowhead where he found his love for cooking, and a passion to share his soul with those who frequent any establishment he works at.

After Jason got experience at Arrowhead Golf Course he took a position at The Landing at Centennial Airport. From there he would stay for over 14 years to become the sous chef. One thing he loved about working at The Landing was the experience he got in fine dining. He stated that “it’s a different kind of cooking and more elaborate steps of service, but this transcends down to any type of restaurant. No matter what type of restaurant you work at our own, you should always put your best self on the plate, and when you have pride in what you do, it really shows on the plate, and in the guest’s point of view. In the end, it’s all about the guest.”

“Whether you’re cooking a $2 burger or a $50 steak, the same love and attention to detail should take place in your cooking.”

If you ever are to go on a date with Jason, you may be in for a tasty treat, as Jason’s favorite thing to make is the iconic Italian dessert Tiramisu. But you may have to share the love with his 12-year-old pup whom he loves dearly. Jason has a big heart! And you’ll see that in his cooking and his big smile!

Jason’s favorite chef is the one and only Gordon Ramsey. Which we all have seen the many sides to Ramsey, but what Jason relates to the most is not only Ramsey’s attention to detail but his love and respect for the food that he is preparing. Also, Ramey has a great talent for teaching, and according to Jason, “that’s what it’s all about, teaching and learning, and knowing that you’re ready for the challenge. I think that a lot of people get him wrong, and think that he’s a jerk, but a kitchen is really intense, and you have to be ready for anything!”

I’ll leave you with one of Jason’s favorite quotes…And we look forward to you stopping by The Sportsbook and checking out Jason’s chefery!

“Being a chef is the closest thing to being a rockstar.”

-Anthony Bourdain.