The final Bronco game of the year is here.  The first four regular-season games brought heroism and the hope for another Superbowl, but then something went drastically wrong. Amidst the blue and orange skyline that decorate the mile high every night at dusk, it was like the heavens were speaking to The Bronco’s: “It’s Superbowl Time.” But then something tragic happened, they fell apart. And we were all left wondering…What happened?

In game 2, The Bronco’s totally killed it. They looked amazing. Trevor Seimian threw for over 231 yards, and only a few minutes in threw the first touchdown pass of the game just under 10 minutes in the game. A rain delay stopped the game for over an hour, but that didn’t stop The Broncos. Ending the game with 380 yards. It was a beautiful game. I would say one of the best.

 1. Image Credit: Jack Dempsey/ Associated Press

But then came game 5, 6, 7 and the losses go on and on. Typical issues arose with The Broncos, Seimian lost his confidence and the offensive line blew it, all day every day.  That’s when The donkeys came out, and they just looked unhappy and unorganized. With a barrage of quarterback changes, alternating between Osweiler and Seimain, and now in the final ga, e Paxton Lynch will be starting for the Denver Broncos.

Looks like the coaching team is finding issues with their quarterbacks, and now rumors are circulating that The Bronco’s may look to Draft Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield. The Oklahoma star quarterback has a great name, one worthy of wearing the Bronco’s jersey. But, some may wonder is this season’s losses really an outcome of poor quarterback performance, which by the way, are one of the lowest paid group of quarterbacks in the NFL. Why are we not looking at the problems with the new offensive coordinator and the ability of the offensive line. Game after game we saw Seimian get sacked, and in the same spot…every time! After so many hits, it’s no wonder that Seimian lost his confidence.

Although The Broncos season is ending early, let’s show our support. One of the coveted Mile High Traditions is watching the Broncos every Sunday. As a we live, breath and dream of The Bronco’s winning, every game every Superbowl. So even though this season wasn’t the best, we still will stand by our Denver Bronco’s. So, if you LOVE COLORADO, and you’re not going to Mile High Stadium, then come down to The Sportsbook Bar & Grill, ring in The New Year, with The Denver Broncos. This afternoon at 2:15, stay Colorado Proud!

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