The Rockies are Third in the National League, that’s awesome! We are hoping to be playoff bound. Last nights performance wasn’t the best, but hey what are you going to do. This season has had its ups and downs, but as we’re heading into Rocktober let’s get the Rockies Fever going! Game prices will start to increase as we head into October, so let’s all get into The Sportsbook to watch the next few games. We have over 20 different draft beers and a huge selection of local brews from Dad and Dudes to Great Divide and everything else in between! At The Sportsbook you are sure to find the best burgers in town, and being not of the corporate variety, You know your burgers are hand smashed and absolutely delicious.

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According to ESPN, The Rockies have held a playoff position since April 14, and they’re safe for at least another couple of days after the Brewers also lost Wednesday. Arizona is all but locked into a spot, but Colorado has opened the window after being in position all season. FiveThirtyEight’s metrics give the Brewers about 3-to-1 odds to claim the final wild-card berth, with an outside chance for the Cardinals to sneak in. Let’s hope that the Rockies can get back on their winning streak and get that wild card spot!

Will The Rocks Make It To The Playoffs?

It was such a great season this year, it would be a total travesty if the Rockies don’t make it to the playoffs this year. I was truly hoping for another World Season, as the Rocks are close to celebrating their 25th Anniversary, what a sweet gift that would be, forget the Diamonds…how about a World Series Win!

The Rockies have spent 144 days in a playoff spot this season. That is more than the Arizona Diamondbacks, Houston Astros, Washington Nationals or a plethora of other Major League teams.

Colorado had a 47-26 mark on June 20. That was the best record in the National League. Of course, since then, they have struggled mightily. However, Milwaukee and St. Louis have yet to make up the ground necessary to catch the Rockies.

Simply put, while Colorado hasn’t been setting the National League on fire, neither has any other team. That’s a good sign for the Rockies heading into September.

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