Are you a trivia geek? The Sportsbook Bar & Grill Wash Park has Geeks Who Drink every Wednesday at 7:00 pm. Come down and check it out. 266B S Downing Street, Denver, CO 80209 s @ 

Geeks Who Drink! Wednesday’s at 7:00 pm – The Sportsbook

From the Geeks Who Drink blog post: Just a quick look at how much fun Geeks Who Drink is!

I had been bracing for rain all damn day yesterday. Took an umbrella to work so I would not get stranded all sad and tragic waiting for the bus in the pouring rain. I didn’t even wash my hair yesterday morning because I was sure it would be too rainy and humid to even be worth it. It was nice and sunny when I got home, so much so that I even decided to take a nice shower so I’d smell nice for y’all. I find this phenomenon similar to the foolproof fact that as soon as you get your car washed you know it is going to rain. Sure enough, as soon as my proverbial car body was clean DOWN CAME THE RAINS AND WASHED THE SPIDER OUT. Messed up my hair, got my dress all wet, the whole nine. Eh, at least that’s one step closer to fall weather.

266B S Downing Street
Denver, CO
s @ 
Geeks Who Drink Wash Park Sportsbook
Geeks Who Drink Wash Park Sportsbook
Geeks Who Drink Wash Park Sportsbook