The Broncos are matching up against The Ravens. Where are you watching the Broncos this beautiful Sunday Morning? The Sportsbook Bar & Grill is the best place to watch all Broncos games (if you’re not at Mile High)! The Sportsbook has two locations, one right off Downing in Wash Park, and our 1st location just off I25 and Arapahoe in Greenwood Village.

Why The Sportsbook is the best spot in town for watching the Broncos

  1.  The sound is always on for The Broncos
  2.  Really good burgers and so much more made-from-scratch menu items
  3.  If you need more to entertain you besides the game there are pool tables, darts, and other fun games to play
  4.  Greenwood Village has a private room if you want to throw a party for watching the Broncos
  5.  The servers are all really amazing!

How this game may play out…make sure you come down to The Sportsbook and watch the Broncos

Here is one thing that is worrying me about the Broncos this year so far. Although we have had two wins, Case Keenum has thrown way too many interceptions this year. I think the number is somewhere around 4, three in his first game as a Bronco. I hope he calms his nerves and gets the interceptions under control. The offense all together looks pretty tight, with great coverage of Keenum, despite the last year offensive line letting Seimien get a beat down every game.

The Broncos¬†defense always looks great. There were a couple of plays in the home opener that looked a little weak, but it was just a warm up¬†to a really good season. I’d love to see the Broncos defense not always be the winning factor in the game, but the defense does win games, we just need our offense to pick up the pace.

This Sunday I think The Broncos have this one in the bag…not sure? Come down to The Sportsbook in Wash Park or The Sportsbook in Greenwood Village and watch The Broncos!