A couple of weeks ago, all the local news channels were saying that the Bronco’s season was over. But, I think the tables have turned. I don’t want to jinx anything, but at The Sportsbook Greenwood Village and The Sportsbook Wash Park, we are starting to think the Broncos may get a wild card chance at the postseason.

Watch The Broncos at The Book

Broncos are traveling to San Fransico and you have to come out to one of our locations (Wash Park or DTC) and support the Broncos. They are at 6-6 going into week 13 and we need another win to keep the streak going.  Don’t stream the game or watch it at home, getting together at your local bar is the best way to rally with other Bronco fans!

According to SB Nation, The AFC playoff picture is pretty muddled and uncertain for a slew of .500 teams, but the Broncos favorable schedule moving forward gives them a good chance to make some waves. It hasn’t been the best season, but they are still trying to figure themselves out and get together as a team. Unfortunatly, Sanders will be out, and he has really begun to shine this season.

A few words from Coach Vance, ”

I think you’re different each week,” Head Coach Vance Joseph said of the team’s identity. “Obviously our defense here has played well the last three or four weeks. In this league, you have to score points to win so that won’t change. Hopefully we can play well again on defense and score some points on Sunday. That’s the key to winning.”

We will leave you with a throwback of Bronco past!

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